How are custom annotations created?


Make a group from a set of samples of interest.

Skills Covered

  • Selecting a new data type to view as a new layout.
  • Create a new group from a user-drawn region encompassing a set of samples.


  1. With the map, Pancan12/SampleMap, select the layout, mRNA+miRNA+RPPA+SCNV+Mut+Meth (integrated) as in the picture below.
  1. In the Short List, make sure Tissue is checked and no other attributes are checked.
  2. In the middle of the map you can find a cluster of samples of mixed tissue of origin, as in the picture below. This is our pan-cancer group of interest.
  1. Use the zoom control in the bottom right of the map to zoom into the region containing the pan-cancer group.
  1. Click on the Select menu then click on by Polygon.
  2. Select the samples belonging to the pan-cancer group by clicking to define each vertex of the polygon. Double-click to complete the polygon.
  1. Specify the name of the group (e.g. PancancerGroup) in the popup window.
  2. Notice that this group is now selected and the new annotation/attribute shows up in the Short List with a lavender background indicating it is a generated attribute.