Short List

The Short List is in the upper right of the main window and expands when hovering over it with your mouse. Attributes in the Short List are those that can be used for display and other operations.

Selecting an attribute from the Select Attributes list will cause that attribute to be added at the top of the Short List and its values used to color the map. Also, if you Create an Attribute it will be added to the Short List.

Basic Anatomy

Below is a picture of the Short List containing each of the three attribute data types: continuous, categorical and binary.

The first entry has an attribute name of Tissue with its statistics shown below its name. The statistics display is explained at Attribute Information, with a technical discussion at Statistics and Sorting Tool.

Below the statistics is a bar graph of a categorial attribute containing the count of values by category. To the left of the statistics is a move handle to rearrange entries within the Short List. Moving an attribute does nothing to the map display and is just a convenience for you to organize entries.

The second entry is an attribute containing a histogram of a continuous attribute with the range extents of the values underneath.

The last entry contains a bar graph of a binary attribute where yellow represents values of one.


Select for Display

Below is a picture pointing out the controls to select an attribute for coloring the map.

One or two attributes may be displayed at one time. The orange display indicators show which are currently selected for display. The black display selector buttons on the third entry allow you to select that attribute for display. These black controls only show up when hovering over the entry.

The remove attibute control allows you to remove this entry from the Short List. This control only shows up when hovering over the entry. Any attributes that were placed in the short list by selection from the Select Attribute list will remain in that list after being removed from the Short List. Beware that if you remove an attribute that was generated during your interactive session it will be lost unless you’ve saved a bookmark.


Filter Values

Below is a picture pointing out the controls to limit the values of attributes for coloring the map.

The orange value filter active indicator shows that the filter for this attribute is active and limiting the values displayed. The filter value shows which values are currently being displayed. This is a drop-down menu that allows you to choose another value to display. You may create a new binary attribute containing the nodes with this value by clicking on the create attribute from filter button. This control only shows when hovering over the entry.

The second attribute contains continuous values where the filtered out values are contained within the shaded boxes and indicate those values that will not be displayed. The low and high ends of the range may be manipulated by moving the range filter handles.

When hovering over the second entry the create attribute from filter button will appear and you may click it to generate a new binary attribute containing the nodes with values in the range.


Attributes You Create

When you Create an Attribute it will be added to the Short List with a lavender background so you can distinguish it from attributes selected from the Select Attributes list. These dynamic attributes mostly have the same properties as the other attributes. One notable difference is that when a dynamic attribute is removed from the Short List without saving a bookmark, the attribute is irretrievable.